Sega XS

Sega XS came into existence when Console XS split into a Sega half (Sega XS) and a Nintendo half (Super XS). This magazine, which focused on guides, tips and cheats, started off as a bimonthly publication, before becoming six-weekly and eventually monthly.

From issue four, the magazine also included a reviews section. Unlike other magazines, the reviews didn’t give ratings or scores to the games, which was supposed to encourage readers to actually read the reviews in order to find out if the game was worth buying. The reviews section only lasted until issue eight.

After issue 17 of Sega XS, the magazine was absorbed into Sega Pro as the pull-out tips section. The Sega XS section of Sega Pro lasted for five issues (from issues 45-49 of Sega Pro); during these five months, the old stand-alone Sega XS was renamed “Sega XS Classics” (retaining the old numbering system, so the first issue of Sega XS Classics was numbered “issue 18”). Each issue of Sega XS Classics only contained re-prints of old guides that had already been published in previous issues of the original Sega XS. After five issues of Sega XS Classics, the stand-alone magazine changed its name back to Sega XS and remained a reprints magazine until its eventual closure. The last-known issue of Sega XS is issue 25.

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