Offering £100 for a video game magazine?!

To celebrate 20 years (has it really been that long?!) since the SegaMags collection started, we’re putting a special time-limited bounty on issue 22 of Mega Power (the only issue of Mega Power that we’re still missing). If anyone can find a copy of this issue before the end of March 2019, we’ll buy it for £100. But be quick, because as soon as we enter April 2019, the price offered will revert back to the usual £25. So that gives you just over three weeks to rummage through your lofts (or garages, or wardrobes, or wherever you might have stashed your old video game magazines), find that issue, contact us and claim your £100 reward.

Claim £100 if you can find issue 22 of Mega Power before March 31st 2019!

This issue came with a cover-mounted TimeCop demo disc (as you can see from the cover). We already have the demo disc, so it’s just the issue itself that’s needed.

Okay, I think there’s something that really needs to be emphasised at this point: the overwhelming majority of retro video game magazines aren’t worth anywhere near the amount of money that we’re offering to pay for the issues listed on the SegaMags Quest page. We’d hate to ruin the hobby of video game magazine collecting by artificially-inflating the asking prices on the likes of eBay. A magazine is only worth what a buyer is prepared to pay, and it just so happens that I’m prepared to pay an awful lot more than most in order to finish the collection (personally, I don’t collect anything else, and I’m so close to completing the collection — now 20 years in the making — that I’m happy to offer more as an incentive for people to help out!).

Now, get cracking and see if you can grab yourself an easy £100! And be sure to check the SegaMags Quest page in case you stumble upon any of the other issues on our list.

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