MEGA Confidential: MEGA’s subscriber-exclusive newsletter

Ever seen one of these before?

Mega Confidential (issue 14)

It’s the very first issue of MEGA Confidential — MEGA’s subscriber-only newsletter.

There’s a little bit of a story behind this one…

The issue of MEGA Confidential that you see pictured above was bundled with issue 14 of MEGA. Prior to issue 14, all that MEGA’s subscribers would (occasionally) get was one sheet of A4 in letter format, which talked a little bit about the goings-on at MEGA. With issues 14-23, MEGA’s subscribers received a nice double-sided instalment of MEGA Confidential along with their magazine. Over the course of its life, MEGA Confidential provided things like: puzzles, sneak-peak news items, the newest cheats, and the staff’s favourite games. Quite a step-up from the standard newsletter — and much more than most other magazines offered their subscribers in terms of exclusives.

After MEGA had been sold from Future Publishing to Maverick Magazines, subscribers only received one more (this time, single-sided) issue of MEGA Confidential before the newsletter was scrapped entirely.

The full list of subscriber-specific newsletters that were bundled with issues of MEGA are as follows:

  • Issues 1-6: no newsletter,
  • Issues 7-12: standard single-sided “letter-style” newsletter,
  • Issue 13: no newsletter,
  • Issues 14-23: MEGA Confidential (all double-sided),
  • Issue 24: no newsletter (first issue since MEGA changed hands from Future to Maverick),
  • Issue 25: final (single-sided) edition of MEGA Confidential,
  • Issues 26-end: no newsletter.

So there you have it. And now, here’s a little look at that first issue of MEGA Confidential in a little bit more detail…

MEGA Confidential (issue 14, page 1)

Page 1 of the first edition of MEGA Confidential.

Oh, and I mustn’t forget to show you the second page as well (it’s double-sided, remember?). So here it is…

MEGA Confidential (issue 14, page 2)

Page 2 of the first edition of MEGA Confidential.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that. Did you ever subscribe to MEGA? Do you remember MEGA Confidential? Can you think of any magazine that offered better perks and incentives for being a subscriber? Post a message in the comments section and share your memories.

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